• PSC7001
  • Flamma® Deep Red PS Bead 0.2um
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PSC7001 2 ml 0.00
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Synonyms Flamma® Deep Red PS Bead 0.2um
CAS number
Mol. Wt.
Appearance Blue Liquid


Product Name: Flamma® Deep Red PS Bead 0.2um

Surface Modification: Carboxylic acid

Diameter: 0.2 um

Appearance: Deep Red

Solids: 2.0 %

Storage condition: 4℃


Flamma® Fluors PS Bead provided by BioActs, as the applied material for diagnostics and biochemistry, etc., can be used for the unique performance according to fluorescent marker and organism particle size after loading our already developed various bright fluorescent dyes on the surface or inside. To conduct applied tests in each different field as such, we are progressing custom labeling in consideration of fluorescent wavelength and Intensity desired by users and we modified the surface using carboxylic acid so that a covalent bond of the materials such as nucleic acid, antigen, peptide, antibody, etc. can be possible.

In the case of Bioimaging or Biosensing applied field, each different bead specification such as Bead size, Surface modification, Single or Multiple fluorescent dye, Fluorescence intensity is required depending on the user Bead size, Surface modification, Single or Multiple fluorescent dye, Fluorescence intensity, etc. Therefore, BioActs provides a customized service through feedback with the customer. Our technical note provides a variety of information with applied field and tables using PS Bead. Polystyrene bead size can be supplied within the range of 100nm ? 20um. For any larger sizes, please consult with support@bioacts.com.

Fluorescent dye spectra

Excitation value and Emission value of each dye introduced into Flamma® Fluors PS Bead are stated in Figure 1. The stated spectra was analyzed by specific optical system of BioActs, which are supplied a constant spec through quality evaluation. We filled these fluorescent dyes into the bead using the special method developed by us so as to prevent photobleaching or quenching phenomenon that may appear in the specific environment.

Figure 1. Information of dye introduced into PS Bead. From left, it shows fluorescence graph of Flamma® Blue, Flamma® Green, Flamma® Red, and Flamma® Deep red.

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