• FC-8201
  • Deferoxamine-p-SCN, p-NCS-Bz-DFO
Cat. No. Packing Size 가격 (Won) 수량
FC-8201-100 100mg 310,000
FC-8201-500 500mg 1,250,000
FC-8201-1 1g 가격문의
Precursor for 89Zr-Deferoxamine-p-SCN
Synonyms p-Isothiocyanatobenzyl-deferoxamine, p-NCS-Bz-DFO
CAS number 1222468-90-7
M.F. C33H52N8O8S2
Mol. Wt. 752.94
Appearance White Solid
Purity >95%
Certificate 1H NMR, ESI-MS, HPLC
1. Lars R. Perk et al. p-Isothiocyanatobenzyl-desferrioxamine : a new bifunctional chelate for facile radiolabeling of monoclonal antibodies with zirconium-89 for immune-PET imaging. Eur. Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 2010, 37, 250-259.
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