• FC-6172-E
  • TCO-NHS ester (E)
Cat. No. Packing Size 가격 (Won) 수량
FC-6172-E0025 25mg 가격문의
FC-6172-E0100 100mg 가격문의
FC-6172-E0500 500mg 가격문의
trans-Cyclooct-2-ene NHS ester equatorially substituted
Synonyms TCO-NHS ester (E)
CAS number 1191901-33-3
M.F. C13H17NO5
Mol. Wt. 267.28
Appearance Yellowish Oil
Purity > 90.0%
Certificate 1H NMR, HPLC

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2. Maksim Royzen, Glenn P. A. Yap, and Joseph M. Fox. A Photochemical Synthesis of Functionalized trans-Cyclooctenes Driven by Metal Complexation. J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 2008, 130, 3760-3761

3. Raffaella Rossin. et al. Highly Reactive trans-Cyclooctene Tags with Improved Stability for Diels-Alder Chemistry in Living Systems. Bioconjugate Chem. 2013, 24(7), 1210-1217

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